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First and foremost, welcome and congratulations! You have found one of those few rare pages that actually will give you solid, tested and practical advice on actually increasing your income. I invite you to read this introduction page first before anything else, regardless of your current economic situation.

Starting from Zero

I have started from nearly zero, and first methods I tried myself were free or nearly free. Some where not free, but somehow I saw an edge on them. Many were scams, a waist of time or just barely break even methods. I don’t see them as a waste of time, but as a necessary path for learning. After I made some money, I started investing whit what I made on the free methods. I have tried many venues, online and offline and I plan to share here what has worked and still works for me (and likely will work for you), so you don’t need to lose so much time – and money – with what definitely does not work.

What to expect from this blog

Although I can’t promise that what you will learn and access here will change your life overnight, I sincerely hope and expect it will have a positive impact for you, as it has been for me and others who have learned and already follow some of my ventures on their own. Also, remember, as with everything, THERE IS RISK. But if you start with the free methods, and only invest what you earn from them, you will actually only be risking your time.

All information I will share here will be free – this does not mean you won’t have to invest time and /or money to make some things actually work for you. Most of the time, you will have to invest.

Some external methods/tools/websites not owned by me may have associated expenses. I will indicate when and how much, if that is the case.

All information I will share here are methods I currently use or have used with success in the past, tried by myself or people I trust. 

The reasons of this blog

I also want to take the chance to immediately clarify what I gain by sharing my knowledge/methods for free with you. As you know – or should know – there are no “free lunches”. This is also the case here, as it is anywhere else. If someone says you different, they are probably not being honest and it’s most likely a scam (not always, but in my experience,  the probability is very high).

I personally do it on my own self interest. Can’t be more honest then this, but allow me to explain this statement a little further.  

To understand it better, let me go deeper on some of the main reasons on why I share this and why is it of my own interest:  

  •  1 – To diversify my income streams – which is one of the most important things you can expect to learn here.
  •  2 – One of my streams is advertising, by simply visiting this page you are contributing to it, even if you see no adds. (don’t worry, no money is taken from you if you see adds here, the money comes from advertisers). This is actually one of the possible revenue streams you can make for yourself, and I plan to have a section just for this topic alone.
  •  3 – Some of  the information here is totally “free” to learn and start to follow. In some cases, you only pay me a % if you profit from it. So your success actually becomes of my self interest. (another income stream)
  •  4 – Some tools/websites pay me a commission if you visit or purchase from them. There is however no need for you to do that, unless you want to.  Again, another revenue stream on itself.
  •  5 – I actually like to write and share what I know. I like the exchange of information and ideas, even if it doesn’t directly bring a profit.

This is not an extended list, but the main reasons are here.

 With this set aside, if you are still reading, let’s begin.

First considerations and where to start

Before going further, if you haven’t done so yet, bookmark this page (press CTRL + D ). You will want to come back, either to review information on a method, show it to a friend or learn something new. As I explained before, your success is of great importance to me, so you can be rest assured I will be sharing very relevant and important stuff that you will not want to miss.

Depending on the quantity of money you have available to invest, the starting point will be different. 

But before, I need to teach you something very important – if you don’t know it already – DO NOT INVEST MONEY YOU CANT AFFORD TO LOSE! NEVER! Some methods here have some risk associated and I will take no responsibility if you lose money, so if you have a rent to pay, kids to raise and other bills, or debts on the way, you should consider at this point that you actually have 0$ to invest.
If you have less then 30$ , it is mandatory that you first get some money. Either find a way somewhere, sell some old stuff you no longer need, get an extra job, or follow one of the free methods I will share here to make your first bucks. (go to category  Free Methods  and chose one or more that you like).

If you have between 30$ and 3000$, you can mix Free Methods  ,  and Investing Methods, depending on how much money and time you have available.

If you have 3000$ or more, your time is probably already more valuable then the free methods shared here, so you should focus on the Investing Methods – at this stage you want to put your money working for you –  but you are of course free to take any method you like at this stage.  


Generic Tips

Here are some tips for following with the methods shared. This are generic, so I share them here.


Very important, and a requisite for most methods. I will dedicate a section for this alone later. For now, I strongly recomend having Paypal and a Neteller accounts ( you can apply for a credit card with Neteller too, if you don’t have one already) . It should be enough for most methods. More information soon in a section just for E-Wallets.


Registrations and confirmations:

When registering in websites you are going to do business with, try to keep your information as accurate as possible. Everything involving transactions of money will mostly require you to eventually verify your information, so have your citizens card and a recent utility bill. Incorrect information may lead to termination of your account, losing profits and in some cases, the investments you make. It’s a risk you don’t have to take.

Also, make sure to read through all the conditions when you sign up for a website where you will be investing money and/or time. Make sure to comply with them. Particular attention to age and location restrictions.

Final Tip

Another tip here is that what I share is not set in stone. We live in a changing world. Actually, the only constant you will see in life is change itself.  If you have imagination, use it. If you see room for improvement with your own ideas, you know of tools/methods that can facilitate or give you an extra edge without compromising the method, go for it!