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Forex Copying – Investment Method

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NOTE: I  plan to detail this topic further, when I have time. However, if you are savvy enough, you will be able to subscribe and start using this method with just the information here and what the support available in the broker used.

First, I want to show you the result of my last 1,5 months of testing this system:


Method Requirements:
– Min 60$;

– E-wallet/credit card;

– Valid verification documents to prove your identity;

– Valid email;

– Time: just the creation of account and document verification procedure  + initial deposit + setup to follow my account (1 hour should be more then enough for everything)


What you get:

–  a true automated, stable and passive income stream with little to none input from you;

– The possibility to completely automatically follow all my trades. A commission of 25% of the profit is paid only on winning trades.

– Expected gains : profits will oscillate, usually between 0,1% to 1% daily. I expect you will double initial investment over 2 to 3 months or even less.



There are always risks.
There is the risk of the company behind the service going bankrupt – I sincerely doubt that would happen, since forex trading is a profitable business for them.
There is also the inherent risk of the method I’m using. I’m using a very stable and safe method, but there is always the (really very remote chance) risk of losing all the capital invested. Make sure to follow with the recommended sizes according to your initial capital (see the setup details). And remember, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.
Even with this risks considered, I currently have invested on this method more then 3000€, so you can see I’m putting my money on the line too and I sincerely think it’s worth it.
You can learn about the company here:  https://www.instaforex.com


NOTE: this are concise instructions, but the instaforex website online support will help you giving you more details or support if you need in creating account, validating it, depositing or copying the correct account.

The steps you need to take:

1 – Create account, following this link: https://www.instaforex.com  and register/open a live account.

(make sure while registering that the referer/affiliate code for your account is set to LIDV when it appears during registration)

2 – Validate your account (by submitting the required documents)

3 – Deposit minimum $60 ( and as much as you wish as multiples of $60).
Important: If you are following this method, DO NOT CLAIM A BONUS. The forex copy system invalidates bonuses you may receive and subsequent profits from it. Only claim it if you plan on doing your own trading (wich is not what this method is).

4 – On your account click the Forex Copy System


5 – Chose the option “Forex Copy Monitoring”


6 – In the next screen, search for the account number : 8751332
NOTE: (make sure to do steps A (choose all accounts) and B(search for the number 8751332 ) on the next image, to find the account)


7 – Click the account number that will appear, and all details of the account will appear. On there find the option to Copy/copying the account and click it to start copying it.


8 – Important parameters on copying:

A – Copying Ratio :
You should chose 0.01 lot deal for every 60$ in your account.
1 lot deal should only be used if you deposited $6000.
( 60 -> 0,01 ; 600 -> 0,1 ; 6000 ->1 ) For example, the setting on the image of 0.2 is for a starting capital of $1200. Do the appropriate calculation for the amount you initially deposited. As your capital grows, you may want to review this setting.


B – Instruments to copy:

Make sure “All InstaForex trading instruments” option is selected.

Do not change anything else.


If everything is fine, click edit or save.


Additional notes:

1 – Please note, withdraws have some considerable fees, depending on the method you chose to withdraw… I recommend withdrawing only after you have a considerable amount of profit.

2 – You can of course, copy  other traders or do trades for yourself. I recommend you open an alternate account for those experiments and don’t mix it with this method. The instaforex website online support will help you with that and any other questions you may have.

3 – On top of the stable profit, depending on how much you deposit, you will be entitled to participate in several contests with really nice prizes offered by instaforex. Check their website for details on this.

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